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10月 5 2021




从9月. 10月15日至. 15 推荐全球十大赌博靠谱平台庆祝全国西班牙和拉丁美洲传统月. 这个月庆祝这种文化, history and accomplishments of people and their ancestors with heritage in Mexico, 西班牙, 加勒比海和中美洲.

To celebrate National Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month we sat down with 伯顿•科尔, a passionate member of our Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council and member of the Hispanic and Latin American community.


Burton is our 财务总监 – in charge of accounting for USNG based in Houston, Texas. 他是个丈夫, 父亲兼两个孩子的足球教练, 也是他的杰克罗素梗的狗爸爸, 弗兰基, 谁特别喜欢伯顿在家工作.

伯顿在TC的旅程始于两年前, 他在公共会计和光谱能源公司建立了推荐全球十大赌博靠谱平台. He is also a member of our Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council – acting as a champion for inclusion in his team and across our business. 伯顿对包容的热情背后的驱动因素是他自己的西班牙血统. Burton is a proud member of the Hispanic community — and whether it’s the history, the culture and or the amazing food – he believes there is so much to celebrate.

在一个多种族的家庭长大, 我从小就被西班牙文化所吸引,“股票伯顿, “我学西班牙语之前学过英语. Although proud my paternal side can trace ancestry to the American Revolution, 我母性的西班牙血统仍然是我身份的很大一部分——以及我是谁.”



伯顿在成长过程中经历了许多全球十大赌博靠谱平台他的文化和背景的问题. With a Hispanic mother and Caucasian father, he was often left with questions of his own identity.

“当我年轻的时候,还在上学, celebrating diversity was less common and naturally my classmates would ask - ‘what are you?直到今天,好奇的人们还会问我同样的问题.” 

This led Burton to embrace the entirety of his identity and ultimately shape his passion for creating safe and inclusive environments.

我的个人经历激发了我对包容的热情. It is important to keep front of mind that we are all connected and our unique diversity is to be celebrated,“股票伯顿. “Diversity allows you to solve problems and innovate — within my teams I want people to be who they are and feel comfortable sharing all of their ideas.”


伯顿喜欢庆祝他的西班牙血统. 今年是西班牙和拉丁美洲传统月, he plans to celebrate by gathering with his family and enjoying some traditional Hispanic dishes — his mom is famous in the family for her enchiladas.



作为TC的领导, Burton is committed to paying it forward and championing diversity both at work and in his community.

他自愿担任财务副总裁 大休斯顿地区的女性资源, a non-profit that focuses on helping women and girls make choices toward becoming independent, 生产和财务稳定.

Burton teaches classes educating women who have left unfortunate situations on the importance of saving money and how to gain resources – like opening a bank account and getting a credit card.

“这是一个很棒的组织,“股票伯顿, “看到这对休斯顿各地不同社区的影响是令人惊讶的, 包括赋予西班牙裔社区妇女权力, 他们可能没有机会学习这些东西.”

多样性和做真实的自己是成功的秘诀. I encourage everyone to be exactly who they are and celebrate your culture and heritage.”




  • Enjoy some delicious Hispanic or Latin American food — Check out a local Hispanic-Latino restaurant or take a stab at creating a dish yourself!
  • Attend an event — Consider 安全 attending a Hispanic and Latin American Month Celebration or there are many online events!
  • Give to a Hispanic and Latin American Month cause — Support a Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month cause by 捐赠!